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Floorheating Service and Warranty

Unintended or improper use, exposure to external conditions, or repairs attempted by those unauthorized by JK are not covered by warranty.

Warranty in years


9% Complete1 Year

Connection materials

40% Complete2 Year

Circulation water pump

25% Complete2 Year

Distributor appendages

40% Complete5 Year

JK stainless steel manifold

90% Complete25 Year

JK Flextube heating pipe

100% Complete50 Year

Consequential damages JK Flextube

75% Complete15 Year

JK Electronics (Opti-control and thermostats)

40% Complete2 Year

First and foremost we would like to thank you for choosing JK underfloor heating. In addition to our general terms and conditions of sale and supply our installation terms and conditions are applicable. Please read these carefully. If the terms and conditions are not met JK retains the right to refuse to install your underfloor heating system and/or to impose extra charges.

Prior to installation

1) The room in which the underfloor heating system is to be installed must be free from furniture and other obstacles (i.e. door thresholds).

2) The floor must be dry and have hardened.

3) Since the underfloor heating system is to be ground into the floor the floor must consist of a “normal” sandcement or anhydrite top-screed floor (no tiles, flag stones or concrete floor).

4) The floor must be flat and level. If the floor requires levelling this must be done before the underfloor heating system is installed (please take into account the drying time for this).

5) At least 2 electrical circuits should be present in the property (with a minimum of a 10 Amp fuse). During grinding for the underfloor heating system no other high consumption domestic appliances are to be used, such as tumble dryers, washing machines, dishwashers, electric ovens, hobs, heaters, boilers, irons, etc..

6) If work is to be undertaken on a floor higher than the ground floor a lift or site access lift must be present for lifting and lowering the machines (for compliance with Health & Safety regulations).

7) If no pipes are present in the screed floor a floor depth of 15 mm will be sufficient. If pipes are present in the screed floor there must be a minimum depth of cover of 15 mm above the pipes. If the pipe situation is unknown you must notify this to the JK engineer. (N.B. according to the building regulations there should be a minimum cover of 20 mm)

8) The location of the manifold is to be determined in consultation with your dealer or with JK. A reasonable location has to be selected from a technical point of view, with due regard for the following conditions:
- The distance from the underside of the manifold to the floor must be at least 200 mm, and the clear distance above the manifold must be at least 150 mm.
- The manifold may not be placed in the meter box (regulations).
- The manifold cannot be positioned below the level of the underfloor heating (due to venting problems).
- The manifold must be installed on the same floor as the underfloor heating system.
- The manifold must be installed within a radius of 2 metres from the floor to be heated.

9) An earthed electrical socket must be installed for the electrical connection of the manifold (within a radius of approximately 0.5 metres from the manifold). This may also be installed after the underfloor heating has been installed. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange this.

10) Although the JK engineers undertake their work in a clean, meticulous and safe manner it must be remembered that the work is being undertaken using heavy equipment. Vulnerable items should be protected or removed by the customer (i.e. doors, door frames, door thresholds, finished wall surfaces, kitchen cupboards). We recommend that these types of items are only finished off or installed after the underfloor heating system has been installed.

During the installation

11) During the work of JK the premises are regarded as a building site and you (also as the customer) enter at your own risk. As the customer you must also ensure that any third parties entering the premises are aware of this.

12) JK employees must be able to undertake their work without being hindered by third parties.

13) Despite all of the precautionary measures that are taken, in the event that leaks occur from central heating pipes or water pipes during grinding or drilling these shall be repaired by JK. Repairing damage to other pipes that are present in the screed floor is to be arranged by the customer.

14) The connection of the manifold to the heating system must be possible by means of 15 mm diameter branches (by usage of JK Basic Manifold), 22 mm branches (by usage of JK Ultra Manifold) or at least 20 mm branches (by usage of JK LT Manifold) using central heating pipe and it must be possible to make these connections within a radius of 3 metres from the manifold. The connection can be made:
a. directly from the room in which the manifold it installed
b. from the creep space by means of drilling through the floor, in which case the creep space must be dry, accessible and free from obstacles
c. drilling through the wall of a room directly adjacent to the room in which the manifold is to be installed
d. by a combination of a, b or c

15) It must be possible to grind or drill the floor at the location of the manifold so that the underfloor heating pipes can be laid directly from the manifold.

After installation

16) The customer must be present on the day of completion in order to approve the installation and to sign the work order.

17) It must be possible for the heating system to pressurise the underfloor heating system so that it can be checked for correct operation and for leaks.

18) JK does not connect the underfloor heating system to the central heating boiler. This must be undertaken by a qualified engineer. This is to be arranged by the customer, however, JK can recommend suitable parties and/or provide technical support.

19) With the exception of the Netherlands, grinding dust, waste materials and waste packaging will beleft behind on site by JK in sealed industrial packs.

If you are unable to comply with these installation terms and conditions please contact your dealer or JK well in advance of delivery.

Installation terms and conditions