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Floorheating: Why JK?

Installation of underfloor heating within one day

Dustless and low emission

Inventor and developer of the grinding methodology

Original only by JK

More than 20 years' experience

with installation of in-ground underfloor heating systems

More than 100,000 references in 12 countries

About JK-Floorheating

JK floorheating has more than 20 years of experience and is known as a reputable party. With more than 100 qualified employees, the majority of underfloor heating systems will be installed within one working day. The water underfloor heating system will be installed quickly, dust free and accurately. Knowledge and experience have been gained over the years and more than 100,000 references throughout Europe is the great result of it.

JK as your partner

JK creates heating and cooling systems in screed, floating and dry construction systems. Since we install just the underfloor heating system, we work with certified partners like floor finishers and qualified plumbers to connect the underfloor heating system with the existing boiler or renewable heating source. The unique grinding method was invented and developed by JK and therefore ‘original is only by JK.’JK understands people, heat and energy.

JK floorheating in the picture

With more than 100 employers is JK not only able to realize large housing and utility projects but provides at the same time also assurance to its dealers, and the end-customer, that they work with a stable partner that their service and warranty obligations can meet in the future.